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Yakuta is a self-taught baker, albeit having learnt a great deal from her late grandmother who was not only an awesome cook but a culinary teacher. Having begun her journey in Tanzania, Yakuta came to Canada after marriage and fine-tuned her baking skills through a series of professional courses. Her journey of experimenting and creating continues today. As Bruce Lee once said, "learning is never cumulative, it is a movement of knowing which has no beginning and no end". 


Our home based bakery was established under a different brand name, "Afya Jema Cakery", in 2017. Since its establishment, we have been pleased to serve many satisfied customers. 

In 2019, Yakuta and her husband experienced a profound and happy change in their life - the birth of a beautiful baby girl, Alia-Noor. 

Our decision to re-brand the business and name it "Alia Bakes", is to proudly dedicate the business to our child. We do this because we believe that happiness at its core brings out the best in people. Alia makes us happy and in so doing breeds our motivation to excellence. We truly believe that this model of happiness fostering motivation leading to excellence will allow us to create awesome desserts and thereby make our customers' events memorable. 

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